CHRIS-VINCENT Writes: Ghanaian Women And Love For Money; The Reason Behind “Quick Money Disease” Affecting Men

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All of these men, including their partners, have been sentenced to prison in the UK for fraud—totalling about a million pounds.

A lot of us men do not want to work legitimately and yet live expensive lives.

The growing culture of young men and quick money has been endorsed by the women we find around too.

Most Ghanaian women these days are only impressed by money—irrespective of the origin.

They will be riding with guys in expensive cars and slaying on social media, financed by guys whose source of money remains a mystery.

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Money is what drives women: because they want to travel expensive, wear expensive things and drive expensive cars—yet they don’t want to work for it and therefore fall for men who are money-criminals.

No woman is impressed by how many Philosophers you can make a case for on the back of wide reading again—they care about the value of your watch so stop wasting your life on philosophy—I once told my friend.

What we call Game Boy, Sakawa, Yahoo Yahoo, are all fraud-related but we don’t really care. Big round ass girls like Opana will be following guys who everyone knows as being involved in fraud—and yet we all don’t care. We even “worship” them.

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Women will be saying, fine boys, Kupe boys, blah blah boys—not this man is legitimately working hard or smart. Not this man is well educated.

A lot of people in Ghana wake up every day and flaunt wealth—yet we don’t know what they really do. And you will find society behind them, including cheap women even having babies for them.

These guys are all Ghanaians…


GH fraud men1

GH fraud men2

GH fraud men3

GH fraud men4


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