CHRIS-VINCENT Writes: Sometimes Doing Things for People for Free Makes You Money Than If You Charged—My Story

This is a true story!

It was one afternoon and I was on lunch break at the Law Firm—sitting in my car at the park, and speaking to a friend on the phone in relation to the failure of her baby daddy to take proper care of their child.

Then a call came through—it was Bola Ray calling me. I told my friend to hold on so I can pick an incoming calling.

It was the usual pleasantries: Bro, Whatsapp and how are things at your end…

Then Bola said a friend of his needed something done urgently and he wants me to sort the person—and I should treat it as an emergency.

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I took the details and I proceeded to find a solution. All along, it was me doing a friend a favour. In fact, I like to do favours whenever I can, so people can owe me one—Harvey Specter of Suits taught me this.

It was not much of big favour and Bola Ray could have asked the many people he knows around the world to do this but he came to me because he probably trusts my work and commitment.

So eventually, I delivered on the request—and Bola was pleased.

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Then, the person the favour was for contacted me on Whatsapp, to thank me—and shockingly asked: is £10K enough for your time in relation to what you did for me?

With the circle of folks, I sometimes come in contact with, a gift of 10,000 pounds, although large, is not uncommon. But still, I was shocked.

This is because, I never thought for a minute I was going to be paid or was trading my time and expertise for any return, except to be owed a favour too.

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If I was to charge for what I did for this person at even an exorbitant price, it wouldn’t be anything close to how much was offered for my time.

A lot of Ghanaians don’t like to do favours these days, and only think about instant gratification.

We don’t care about building relationships and friendships, from which valuable referrals would come our way.

A few young people I have met online such as Kofi Cephas have this valuable trait—of doing favours, in order to build a robust friendship and relationship.

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As we come to the end of this year, we should all evaluate how we related to people, especially when money is involved.

We shouldn’t always be fixated on the money we can make today in our cause of dealings, but we should also make room for future gains on the back of building relationships and friendships.

The folks at Gye Nyame Entertainment have paid to bring me to Belgium, and they have asked that we go to Germany and Spain as well—with Obrafour, as he tours Europe.

They asked how much I would charge to become a resident Entertainment and Celebrity writer with them on their tour—I told them, I have a good relationship with Obrafour so I will do this as a favour as long as they are taking care of the related reasonable cost of hotels and flights.

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And I am so proud I didn’t charge them for this—as I have gained more than I would have charged, once again.

We should all look for the hidden value, in weaving strings that we can pull when it becomes absolutely necessary.



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