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Love Brewed in A Weed Pot: Ahoufe Patri and Kwabena Kwabena Are Dangerously Chopping Each Other Down And Glued Together By Competitive Weed Smoking—After Frema Ashkar Dumped Kwabena Kwabena’s Broke Butt…

Ahoufe Patri and Kwabena Kwabena

Don’t be fooled, George Kwabena Adu popularly known as Kwabena Kwabena is so broke that he currently rides around Accra in either a Taxis or an Uber—and on a good day, you will see him driving a Toyota Yaris, belonging to Ahoufe Patri, a source close to the Ghanaian Highlife musician has told GhanaCelebrities.Com.

The above is not shocking because Kwesi Pee has already introduced us to how Ghanaian musicians can become so broke to the extent that they have to borrow cars to keep up with appearance.

The real news lies in the fact that, since Kwabena Kwabena’s weed smoking butt was dumped by Frema Ashkar, a woman at best should be described as deluded and at worst exceedingly stupid for leaving her husband and children to become the s*x doll of Kwabena Kwabena–the musician has found solace in the coochie of Ahoufe Patri, another “weed addict”.

A source close to Kwabena Kwabena has described the current fuckery, termed a relationship between Ahoufe Patricia and Kwabena Kwabena as one “glued together by competitive weed smoking.”

Apparently, the two claim to be in love—and their single interest, being weed smoking is serving as an unbreakable oath.

When it comes to Kwabena Kwabena and love, he adds a new form of delusion and absurdity to the already confusing concept. This is a man who left his first wife, Esther, on the back of rumours that he was a woman beater to marry another woman, Abena Owusuaa.

And then he dumped Abena Owusuaa too, claiming that she used “juju” to snatch him from his first wife. This is a woman who was still holding on her marriage to the musician despite allegations that during their marriage, Kwabena Kwabena impregnated their house help.

Sources close to Abena Owusuaa told GhanaCelebrities.Com that Kwabena Kwabena is a serial womanizer who was cheating on his wife with multiple women, including Frema Ashkar—his so-called manager.

Soon after Kwabena Kwabena’s second marriage ended, he dangled Frema Ashkar in front of us, as his newest woman—whom he is deeply in love with and even tattooed her name on his arm, claiming the tattoo was simply an act of gratitude for her 10-years’ service to him.

“Frema has realized she is heading to hell and Kwabena Kwabena is broke so she packed her stuff and has done the obvious, ran away,” the source said.

It’s also alleged that Frema jumped off the ship because Kwabena Kwabena’s house has become a regular 3some palace—we don’t know who the players are…though.

With Frema out of the conversation, Ahoufe Patri has taken over—and what makes Kwabena Kwabena’s relationship with her a little scary is not the looming break-up, but a danger hovers around.

The two can beat Bob Marley and Peter Tosh to emerge winners in any weed competition—and being glued together as lovers by weed could make it worse for them, individually.

Earlier this year, Ahoufe Patri’s relationship with a London based guy, who is the son of veteran Ghanaian actress-Maame Dokono came to an end, as their common interest, weed smoking proved not to be that much of a solid bond.

And we expect the same to happen to her relationship with Kwabena Kwabena—that’s if we don’t find one of them at Pantang soon.

There is a hovering legend among their friends that, Ahoufe Patri and Kwabena Kwabena smoked so much one day that his smoke alarms started sounding—as if the house was on fire.

This is a classic case of dangerous love brewed in a weed pot.


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