SAMUEL-CLEMENT Writes: So Every Ashawobrity Can Get up And Cover-up Her Ashawobrity Lifestyle With Acting? The Case Of So-called Actress Purfcie Conna Putting Her Juicy ‘Melons’ and Oiled Butts On Display To Attract ‘Customers’

It is boxing day and as I’m somewhere having all the fun I deserve, my phone beeps and it’s about raunchy photos and videos of one unknown and self-acclaimed actress, Purfcie Conna flaunting the only assets she is got ─breasts and oiled butts on Instagram.

Perhaps, the government of Ghana should legalise prostitution so that these self-acclaimed actresses covering up their Ashawobrity lifestyles with acting can boldly come out to tell the world that they ‘chop down’ horny men to make a living.

The likes of Moesha Budoung, Princess Shyngle, Efia Odo, Fella Makafui and the bunch of them out there have all covered up their Ashawobrity asses with acting albeit we are yet to know how much they’ve made in their so-called acting careers.

This so-called actress, Purfcie Conna is the perfect definition of digital Ashawobrity and a check on her Instagram page proves so ─trust me, any man who lands on her Instagram page will immediately know that this Purfcie Conna lady is in for the money in exchange of her juicy body.

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Apparently, the acting profession has become so cheap that these Ashawobrities find it very easy to use as a cover up for their “money na hand, body na ground” kind of businesses.

Nothing on her Instagram page portrays her as an actress or anything resembling the acting profession ─it’s all about the display of her oiled breasts and butts either in videos or photos.

And the funny thing is she claims to be an Entrepreneur, Marketing executive, virtuous woman, actress bla bla bla…

Every smart man after going through her videos and photos on Instagram will know what she means by marketing executive and entrepreneur ─it’s that simple, marketing her only assets to horny and sexually unsatisfied men.

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The Ghanaian movie industry isn’t likely to resurrect anytime soon with these crop of jobless Ashawobrities parading themselves as actresses just to cover up their prost*tution lifestyle.

Check out a few photos and videos of this so-called actress, Purfcie Conna and connect the dots for yourself.





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