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Why Should Anyone Support Teacher Kwadwo? — Guest Post By Rex Krampa

When news of his contract with Huawei was terminated, DKB took to Twitter to express his concern for Teacher Kwadwo.

He wrote: “We all jumped on teacher Kwadwo’s page to help him raise funds to purchase uniforms, shoes, etc. for deprived children, you didn’t support but you had time to dig 2 years into his page to find unsavory jokes to destroy him. You certainly hate deprived children & young hardworking men.”

Well, he’s already established why others would dig into Teacher Kwadwo’s page and what doing that means. But on what basis did he establish this? DKB, as I’ve followed, is a strong proponent of the view, which is now termed, ‘Support Your Own.’ And by stating emphatically that those who choose other things aside supporting Teacher Kwadwo have hatred for him and his cause, he appealed to this view. Here’s a brief look at the view.

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Brief 1
For him to choose something like, ‘Support Your Own,’ he was free to do so. But after choosing it, he has taken our freedom from us. That is, we cannot simply choose what we want to support anymore. For crying out loud, the view says, ‘Support Your Own!’ There’s nothing to support aside doing this. DKB held on to this view when he said, ‘We all jumped on Teacher Kwadwo’s page to help him raise funds to purchase uniforms, shoes, etc. for deprived children, you didn’t support…’ To DKB, there was nothing else to support aside doing this one thing. That is why, at firsthand, he’d think that digging into Teacher Kwadwo’s page is equivalent to destroying him, even when it’s not.

Brief 2 
This view seems to point us somewhere— at least, it does. It simply says, ‘Support Your Own.’ It doesn’t just say, ‘Support,’ and stops there; it actually tells you what to support. That is, in its own terms, ‘Your Own.’ But my own, that is, to now personalize it, is too broad a thing to support. I have a natural tendency not to support the rape of, say, my sister, despite the fact that the rapist may be an insider. Is his view telling me to support this action on my sister? Absolutely! His view doesn’t show me what and what of mine I need to support. It just asked of me to support, as long as it’s mine. I find it strange then that DKB thinks supporting other causes, like feminism, is hatred for children and young hardworking men when his view doesn’t point us to anything in particular. Supporting other causes is just as worthy as supporting Teacher Kwadwo, according to the nature of his view.

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Brief 3 
Lastly, DKB, by asking us to support our own, assumes that the view is good. This means that it is good for us to support our own. Let’s call this phenomenon objective good. Is the view objectively good? Frankly speaking, if it were, it wouldn’t depend on DKB to propose it. For anything that is objectively good does not depend on what people think or feel about it. But this view, as we’ve seen, is heavily dependent on its proponents (e.g, DKB), which makes it totally subjective. How can a subjective view be stretched to such an objective level? And from what he said earlier, you’d realize he stretched his assertions. Merely digging into someone’s page for unsavory jokes doesn’t make you hate the person. It’s very much a stretched assertion.

Source: Rex Krampa/ GhanaCelebrities.Com


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