Why I Murdered My Uncle — ‘Unstable’ Killer Of Assembly of God Pastor Confesses Everything — LISTEN

On Sunday, December 30th 2018, it’s fair to say most of Ghana was shocked out of our minds when news emerged that a pastor of the Assemblies of God church in Tema Community 4 had been stabbed to death.

This shocking story gets even more shocking as the murderer was not some stranger looking to rob the church or having some other nefarious purpose, but his own nephew.

The perpetrator after his crime attempted to justify his murder of his own uncle, a pastor who apparently had been taking care of him in some fashion.

According to him, his uncle had been worshipping some dangerous lesser gods and has also been sacrificing his own family and church members to these gods.

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Apparently, he was the next to be killed but as he didn’t want to die he killed the pastor, Rev. Dr David Nabegmado, before he could kill him.

Sounding like a rambling madman, he clearly was attempting to justify his vile act; although luckily that’s not going to save him from justice.

Listen below…

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