2018 Prophecy From Badu Kobi Which NEVER Came True Proves Most Of These DOOM PROPHETS Are Fake As HELL — VIDEO

The year has barely started and the obnoxious ‘doom prophecies’ are already everywhere and really starting to get on my nerves.

Why can’t Ghanaian prophets prophesy something good for once? It’s always someone is going to die or a tragedy is going to strike or something similarly negative.

Funny enough these prophecies mostly never come true; it’s just that by the 31st of this year we’ll have forgotten all about everything that was said all the way back in December 2018.

Well, luckily the internet never forgets. Prophet Badu Kobi is already giving out his prophecies for this year even though one of his prophecies from last year never materialized.

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Badu Kobi said last year that Mugabe would be ousted in a military coup and after the coup, he would pass away.

Yet as we all known Mugabe is still alive to this day.

Watch video from last year…

Source: GhanaCelebrities.Com


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