A God Who Chooses ‘Uneducated and Unintelligent’ Obinim & Owusu Bempah As His Messengers Must Be Equally Dumb — CHRIS-VINCENT Writes

2018 came to an end and right on cue, the so-called prophets started coming out with their prophecies, mainly concerning the death of others.

It’s extremely pathetic what ‘prophecy’ has been reduced to in this country – wishing death on others in exchange for fame.

The barrage of doom prophecies being landed on Ghanaians is simply exhausting and has led to immense criticism from Ghanaians of all walks of life.

Founding Editor of GhanaCelebrities.Com, Chris-Vincent Agyapong Febiri has added his voice to the criticism and he targets the big man himself, God.

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According to Chris, any God who chooses uneducated and unintelligent conmen such as Obinim, Owusu Bempah, Obofour, Eagle Prophet and whoever else is out there engaging in such acts as his messenger is obviously a God who is as dumb as these people.

He writes….

A God, a very intelligent one chooses in Ghana to speak through seemingly only uneducated and unintelligent folks, like Bishop Obinim, Owusu Bempah, Obofour and others.

Why any intelligent being, even if just an abstract mind, would deal with such people whose level of education and intellect measure almost like that of contemporary toddlers—amazes me.

These guys talk about mythical invisible dwarves and all manner of nonsense that if said in some parts of the world would equate to mental health.

In what language does this God speak to these men? In what colour, (black and white or coloured) does he show these men their so called visions?

Poverty is what is driving all of these. People hold on to a certain better after life, largely promised by religion because this life is not worth really living for them. Ghanaians are desperate for a better life and God seems like the affordable and easiest solution, albeit, expensive in reality.

And what is happening in Ghana is not in isolation. Look across the entire Africa continent and you will see that, the most religious continent remains the poorest, and its people are at the bottom of the food or wealth chain.

If any intelligent alien, be it a God or a family member of ET lands in Ghana and decides to rather hold conversations with the likes of Obinim and Bempah, I wouldn’t want to have anything to deal with such beings—for they will not really be intelligent.

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Why can’t Ghanaians see the delusion and the fakery, and above all how religion positions everything?

It’s true that the higher the intelligence of a person, the less likely such a person is to believe in a God (research has shown) but to have almost an entire country buried in this God delusion is scary—meaning, the whole country is a mess.

We need to be serious for once as a group of people.

You guys are now going to be killing each other in the name of your God or aided by your God again?

Good Morning, whenever you are…

—Chris-Vincent Agyapong

Source: GhanaCelebrities.Com


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