VIDEOS: Rich ‘Sakawa’ Boy Burns Some Dollar Bills in New Videos

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Rich ‘Sakawa’ boy showing how rich he is has posted some videos of himself burning and smoking some dollar bills on Instagram.

The ‘Sakawa’ boy with Instagram username @Deskid Wayne (Money Beast) was seen in three videos burning and smoking dollar bills in the name of proving to Instagram folks that he is filthy rich.

A few days ago, another ‘Sakawa’ boy was captured on camera spraying money at the West Hills Mall in Accra where people were seen running helter-skelter to grab a note or two of the currency.

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It is obvious that these ‘Sakawa’ boys don’t suffer enough to get the money looking at how they spray and spend money at clubs, malls and other public places.

Swipe to watch all three videos of the ‘Sakawa’ boy burning some dollar bills.




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