Video- Gospel Musician Ernest Opoku Really Liked My Sweet ‘TOTO’- Says Man Beater Nayas

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Christmas and the New Year activities are very much over and everything has somewhat come back to normalcy in this country. When it is that time of the year in Ghana almost all serious activities come to a halt to pave way for the festive season.

The year just began and as usual, the slay queens and Ashawobrities are back to their usual nonsense celebrity work, spilling out a lot of trash in our media landscape. We thought on the eve of the New Year ’31st Night Church Activities’ these girls went to their various churches to give their lives to Christ and to commit themselves to annual new year resolutions to live a better and positive life.

It looks very much like this year too most of them cannot heed to the promises they made to God and they are back to their usual self. Self-acclaimed actress and ‘man beater’ Nayas has set the tone for their nonsense again as she has spewed a lot of uncouth things on the first edition of the Delay Show for 2019 set to be shown this Sunday.

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The actress claimed shes dating a sugar daddy because the man’s wife cannot satisfy him in bed so she has taken it upon herself to give the man countless and mind-blowing orgasm. Delay wanted to find out if she is really good in bed as she is bragging then why did Ernest Opoku leave her sorry a$$? The actress said her ‘TOTO’ game is very tight and Ernest Opoku can attest to that fact.