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How can You Buy Your Mum A New Car and Buy Me ‘Only’ iPhone X — Nigeria Lady Cries on Social Media

A Nigerian lady unhappy with her boyfriend has taken to social media to complain about the present he bought for her over the xmas period.

This lady in question claims the boyfriend bought her an iPhone X, but at the same time he bought his own mum a new car and therefore, she’s pissed at him for making such a decision.

She complained to an IG relationship page looking for advice.

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Read her story below…we’re sure you would have some very sage advice to give to this spoilt brat.

“My boyfriend bought me a phone but I was expecting a car like he promised, this guy has promised to buy me a car for 3 years I have been with him now and this time he even wrote it on his ig handle and was bragging about it.

“He raised my expectations so high and after everything he bought me a phone and bought a car for his mum this Xmas. That was not even my anger, my anger was the fact that he did not tell me that he was buying a car for his mum that don’t even need it, because his mum is old and in the village so what does she need a car for.

“I am thinking of returning the phone back to him and ending this relationship. I feel insulted, this is a guy that I jump keke to go and fu.k, abort for him and even did 3 some with him but he had the guts to choose me over his Mum.

“Bom should I send it back to him or sell it and break up with him. Am I overreacting?”

Source: GhanaCelebrities.Com



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