CHRIS-VINCENT Writes: Your Life Today is Largely What You Deserve…So Stop Complaining

Anytime I share photos of myself flying to a different country, several people tell me that I am lucky to be having a fun-packed life and that they wish they could live a life of travels or something like that.

A lot of people think things happen in life by chance or luck—this is a mindset I departed from when I was 20 years old and was shaping my world-views on things.

The universe does not conspire to support or peddle against anyone in life, it’s our actions and omissions which bring us to wherever we find ourselves at any point in time.

I don’t know why anyone would leave anything important in life such as how he or she wants to live his or her life, to the concept of chance or luck. That’s a lazy person’s mindset and approach, at least to me.

A lot of us lack proper planning in our lives. While I am somewhat precarious with my ideas and sometimes conducts, I am deeply glued to the notion of effective planning and focusing on what you really want in life.

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For instance, I have always wanted to see the world: this is something I dream about each day. I have always wanted to have flexible working hours to make this happen and all my life, I have been working towards being able to have flexible working or be my own boss.

I quit the previous Law Firm I worked at because I couldn’t get flexible working hours. That is how much flexibility is important to me. If I am offered a million dollar employment without a gap for my freedom or flexible working, I wouldn’t take it because that’s not how I want to live my life. Some will take it and then come to moan about their lives being a complete suck-up in a job they hate.

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Many people claim they want “this” and yet you find that doing “that”—hoping “that” will somehow become “this.” Life does not work that way.

I’ve come to appreciate that, we define our own lives and each day should be weaved in such a way that it knits into the bigger picture of what you really what or desire.

I am a reasonable person and therefore I do compromise a lot in life but I never compromise on my fundamental wants, as that will amount to surrender.

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People want to eat their cakes and have it back. That’s a paradox, and life does not permit this.

If you want something in life, you need to forfeit anything that opposes what you want and go for that which you truly desire.

In this day and age, a lot of people are still waiting for opportunities to befall their doorsteps, instead of creating the opportunities they want, in shape and manner they desire it to be.

I have realised society has aided in making the lives of many people miserable including my own friends. Even when people have plans, they are easily distracted to abandon them and flow with the expectations of society.

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I am not a conformist, so I stick to my own values, principles and plans and I constantly remind myself of the desired outcome.

Your life 2 years from today is largely dependant on the decisions and actions you are making or taking today.

Don’t be stuck in one little corner and claim that some people are lucky or blessed and you are not. Nothing called luck or blessing just falls from the sky discriminately—if it does, how come you don’t get it too?

I have always wanted to buy a holiday home in Spain where I can invite friends to spend time regularly. And I am not just talking or thinking about this, I am putting into place measures to make that happen. If 2 or 5 years from now I have that home, someone will sit somewhere and say I am a lucky bastard, without considering the efforts, planning and dedication I have for many years put toward achieving this.

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Life is like a woman’s dry vagina. It does not mostly get slippery wet for no reason—efforts must be put into it and the right touches or foundation must be laid to get it really wet.

Society has its own expectations and pressures. Those who truly archive a life full of happiness are those who do not conform and stick to their own ideas with a well-defined roadmap to their destinations.

I recently met and engaged a Ghanaian woman in a conversation. It was evident that she wants a better life, full of adventure and fun but everything she is doing today does not support her argument for a better tomorrow. So, her life desire may never materialise and such a person would claim she has is not been lucky in life.

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The mechanisms of life revolve around actions or omissions and consequences. Rarely does anything happen out of the blue and therefore only a fool will bet or place his life on what rarely happens.

If you are failing in life, it’s not uncaused. And if you are excelling or happy in life, it’s out of careful planning or efforts—it’s caused.

Stop mounting the pillars of your life on utopian concepts such as luck and blessings—because our world works in a different way.

Our acts cannot be any wiser than our thoughts. The problem is our mindset and how we understand this short journey we are taking, called life.

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And if we don’t alter our mindset to reflect our true desires and wants, we will always yearn for what we deserve and our offsprings will walk in our shadows, confused and also unhappy—while loudly claiming those living the life they want are just lucky or blessed.

With Love from Barcelona!

—Chris-Vincent Agyapong

Clement Enoku

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