Ghana Filmmakers Finally Catching up With International Standards with The Change’s “Madamfo” Video

2018 saw its torrential flow of really good music videos in Ghana. We saw such awesome videos like R2Bees’ ‘Boys Kasa, Kidi’s ‘Adiepena’, Becca’s ‘Nana’, Sarkodie’s ‘Can’t Let You Go’, Shatta Wale’s ‘My Level’ and Stonebwoy’s ‘Pepper Dem’ to name but a few.

With the existence of music videos like Shatta Wale’s ‘Gringo’ which pushed bars and standards, and will most likely be nominated, there is no doubt that this year’s 4Syte Music Video Awards will be one of the most competitive we will see.

However, a music video relayed to exclusively by one of our many plug sources seems to make a bold statement in the Ghanaian music video play field.

The music video, which according to its time stamp was released on 30th December, 2018 is track titled ‘Madanfo’ (My friend), and performed by seemingly new and quite unknown rap artiste called THE CHANGE.

Not only does this music make a bold statement of ‘dopeness’ but it actually reeks of being the “best music video in Ghana” currently, and this is according to one of the many positive comments on the video.

At, we strive to maintain a balanced position on issues and prefer to play the referee while our knowledgeable readers preside as the judge.

However, amidst this referee position of ours we’d request that our impartially judging readers acquit us to say that indeed, this music video truly seems to not disappoint all the over-the-top praise it is receiving from viewers.

The video which was made by Motion Mechanism and directed by one MASTERMIND, begins on the mars planet, with some real Sci-fi storyline/movie which is in all respect no different from any typical Hollywood movie we only see in movies like Avatar, Interstellar, Avengers, Mission Impossible… you name it, or any expensive 3D game one could play on XBox.

In the intro movie part of the video which seems to tell a mysterious story about galactic wars and weird missing treasures, one will find scenes of giant inverted hanging pyramids only reminiscent of the Egyptian architecture.

There are also really scary scenes of fleets of alien war planes entering the earth planet from outer space which could definitely make you wish earth good luck.

But the performance part of the music video, though simplistic, is no less marvelous than its intro movie. You will see the artiste standing on top of a car hanging in the air above the clouds with a golden sun behind, whiles the camera moves slowly towards him; a scene so spectacular and capable of making you scream to fall out of your chair.

The rest of the video continues as he performs solely standing and squatting on the car periodically.

The final part of the video shows the artiste standing in front of a giant LED screen while while images of popular personalities rolls as he mentions their names.


The message in the song, which is likely to be the next catch-phrase in popular culture, seems to be equally as punching as its visual.

After watching the video, the question which unanimously came to our minds is… could this be the best music video in Ghana right now? Or possibly, could this be the best music video ever made in Ghana? At least in the area of its closeness to foreign standards.

One of the people we talked to remarked to remarked that the video reminds him of music videos of Travis Scott and Kendrick Lamar, or any of the creations of top level hip-hop video directors like Dave Meyers and Joseph Khan.

And in our opinion we say that we are truly glad that Ghana has finally caught up to the international standards of Visual effects.

And more importantly in this era of entertainment in which almost all Ghanaian music videos are saturated with flashy buildings, expensive cars, beautiful girls etc, what we need is just some small touch of artistic creativity with a wow factor to sooth our intellectual minds.

Now we cut the lengthy talk to present to you the video, asking you; has the 2019 Music Video Awards finally found its winner? Has Shatta Wale’s ‘Gringo’ video finally faced its master? Join the conversation.

Watch video here:


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