SCREENSHOT: Lydia Forson and Wanlov Are Already Warming Each other’s Bed?

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Actress Lydia Forson and ‘notorious’ musician, Wanlov Da Kubolor have become very close recently looking at photos and videos they have shared on Instagram.

In one of the videos, Lydia Forson was seen enjoying the vibes whilst Wanlov sing on and also have been spotted jamming to his songs in her car.

In a recent Instagram post by Lydia Forson concerning local fruit, ‘Alasa’, Wanlov commented, “hani pls r u home? i need a samtin” ─suggesting that there is indeed something hot going on between them.

Lydia Forson also happily replied, “@wanlov see I know how to catch your eye 👁 😋 I know what you need paaaaaa”.

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This could be one of the usual jokes but once two celebrities (female and male) are involved anything is bound to happen!


Lydia Forson & Wanlov sc


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