VIDEO: ‘Side-chickbrity’ Moesha Budoung Shakes Hard Her ‘Bumbum’ For The Cameras

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Instagram model and self-acclaimed actress, Moesha Budoung who has admitted that she doesn’t fit in the category of celebrities but rather a “side-chickbrity” has done it again for her Instagram followers and fans.

Moesha Budoung has gradually become one of the top socialites hovering on social media for her usual ‘business’.

She has for the 100th time clapped hard with her ‘tundra’ backside in a video sighted by and it’s one of her best twerks ever since she gained the attention of social media users.

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In the video, Moesha was seen dancing and shaking hard her ‘bumbum’ ─obviously to attract ‘customers’.

Watch the video below.



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