Actress Salma Mumin Pissed Off Over Her Lack Of Understanding Of The Word ‘ Sponsor’ Used In Contents

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Some Ghanaian female celebrities and their obsession with ‘sugar daddies’ is one that could best be described as “Opete ne borla” ─translated in the Queen’s language, “Vultures obsession with refuse dump”!

At the hearing of the word ‘sponsor’ in contents relating to female celebrities to them means a ‘sugar daddy’ ─I mean a rich married potbellied man paying for all their flamboyant kind of social media lifestyles, the expensive vacations, luxurious cars, plush apartments and the likes forgetting that the word ‘sponsor’ used in contents curation by bloggers relating female celebrities could mean opposite of the programmed meaning of ‘sponsor’.

This is the case of Ghanaian actress, Salma Mumin who thinks once the word ‘sponsor’ is used in a content relating to a female celebrity then it means that particular celebrity is f*** a rich potbellied man in the name of taking care of her financial needs.

Perhaps, this short piece about what the word ‘sponsor’ could mean when used in contents relating to female celebrities would go a long way to serve Salma Mumin a great deal of benefit.

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“Salma Mumin come again! What makes you think that when we use ‘sponsored’ vacations or even ‘sponsor’ in content relating to female celebrities then it means ‘a sugar daddy’ is doing the paying in exchange for sex?

Can’t vacations be sponsored by corporate entities (MTN, Vodafone, Tigo) or any other you are a brand ambassador for?

Huawei Ghana recently took Teacher Kwadwo and the likes to Dubai for the launch of their latest smartphone —and that’s also a ‘sponsored’ trip!

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So what’s your beef if a content relating to you has the word ‘sponsored’ in it?

Salma, even if your Greece vacation was sponsored by yourself, it’s still a ‘sponsored’ vacation or there’s another word for that?

Anyway, those close to Salma, tell her GC is not here to do her PR works!”



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