Salma Mumin, ‘What Do You Do For A Living’? – A Concerned Fan Wants To Know

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One of the many questions that piss off most Ghanaian female celebrities especially the actresses is “What do you do for a living?” ─they mostly ignore or laugh it off during interviews.

Actress Salma Mumin and her Instagram followers are pissed off and ranting on Instagram over the word ‘sponsor’ in an article relating to her Instagram post, “give me reasons why I shouldn’t relocate?”

She wrote one long article claiming she works her butts off to make her own money and not depend on ‘sugar daddies’ for her lavish lifestyle as the article seemed to project.

Well, one of her few level-headed fans @nanaakua632 has asked her a pertinent question that will take her decades to answer honestly.

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@nanaakua632 asked;

“If I may ask what do u pple do for a living plz tell us soo we do some wai cos we have been working with banks for over 5yrs holding degrees upon degrees but yet still we cant afford ur living let us know wai WHAT DO U CELEBRITIES DO FOR A ALIVING POST PICTURES OF YOUR BUSINESS AND OFFICES TO ENCOURAGE THE YOUYH WAI! NOT THE VACATIONS YOU PUTTING PRESSURE ON OUR BEAUTIFUL YOUTH”.


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