Videos+Pictures- Is Sugar Mummy Delay Chopping Down Her ‘School Son’ Black Stars Player Richmond Boakye Yiadom In The Name Of Bestie?

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In Ghana, our entertainment industry is riddled with a lot of female celebrities who are very much single and need men but continue to live bossy and pompous lifestyles like they don’t give a damn about a man and the whole idea of getting married and submitting themselves to a man as the head of the nuclear family. The irony is that the ‘Big Girl’ lifestyle they live on social media mostly is catered for by men.

It is very much common to come across very decent Ghanaian women in their thirties, who have done so much for themselves, family and community that they live in. Their chosen careers whether in academia, business, entertainment, media etc that they indulge in have been nothing short of successful and excellent.

It always beats my reasoning and imagination that most of them especially in our entertainment industry whether willingly or unwillingly choose to either be Baby Mamas, Sidechicks or Sugar mummies to men instead of settling down with a man and have a beautiful family. We operate in this entertainment industry and we can give you a tall list of women we can describe with the above assertion. I am not with this piece saying that a woman’s life should be determined as complete only by getting married but most of you all can attest to the importance of marriage in our socio-economic life.

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Ghanaian television goddess and the best celebrity interviewer by far in Ghana Deloris Frimpong Manso aka Delay can perfectly fit into this description. The host of the Delay Show is an accomplished broadcaster who has carved a niche for herself as the lady who asks our celebrities all the tough and hard-hitting questions during interviews. Delay has her own style which can literally scoop out all the truth and controversial statements out of the mouth of her interviewers.

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Delay according to what she says and portrays in the media is very much single, she even claims that she is a virgin at her age. Delay has been bombarding Instagram users and her followers with pictures and videos of herself and her ‘School Son’ Black Stars player Richmond Boakye Yiadom in the name of ‘Bestie’.

We want to find out if the player is the one chopping down the broadcaster who qualifies as her sugar mummy in the name of ‘Bestie, Bestie’. Sister Derby, Medikal and Fella’s issue is still fresh in our minds and we don’t want such childish broken heart love story to repeat itself. Bestie, Bestie ‘Saa’ then he dey chop you low key.

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