Abraham Attah’s Manager Blasts Prince David Osei for Saying Visits of Hollywood Stars to Ghana was ‘Useless’ — Here’s What He Said

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Actor Prince David Osei has been slammed for being myopic by the manager of Ghanaian Hollywood star Abraham Attah, following comments by the actor that rubbished the recent influx of Hollywood stars to Ghana on vacation.

David Osei, in a stinging reaction to the new trend, said it was ‘useless’ to have Hollywood stars vacationing in Ghana as it brought no lasting impact on the industry.

He was annoyed that they (Ghanaian actors) were not giving any chance to interact with the foreign stars, making him tag the visit useless and to call Idris Elba and the likes as ‘so-called’ Hollywood actors.

But Mawuko Kuadzi, Attah’s manager, was livid at David Osei’s comments and said the actor was not thinking ahead about the impact the visits could have.

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He also mocked the Actors Guild and other bodies for actors who are not doing anything to improve the industry yet they have the temerity to complain when someone else is trying to do something positive.

Mawuko Kuadzi took to Facebook and wrote…

“I’m disappointed at the words of this fine gentleman [Prince David Osei]. I expected more but this morning after watching the video I am like ?????????????????????????????????. Did he call them “so-called” Hollywood stars? Oh my goodness. I want to leave it here….but no let me address few things he touched on.

It’s very unfortunate he called their visit useless. Actor Boris Kodjoe was made ambassador for the film industry and he was able to bring back home all these “so-called Hollywood stars”. What have the 30 ambassadors for tourism who were chosen done?

This individuals who visited this country left here with Ghana on their lips and this will attract more attention for more producers and directors to want to come and do business here and filmmakers in Ghana will get jobs to do.

This “so-called Hollywood stars” were here for vacation not to do workshops. Let’s have in mind that we only have a Tourism minister but not a Creative Arts minister. So we should not expect the minister to do anything for us. What was Ghana Actors Guild doing? Bro David, are you a member of the Guild? What is the “so-called guild” in Ghana doing?

Let’s look at the good in things than the negativity.

God bless the Ghana Film Industry, God bless Ghana. Happy 2019.”

Source: GhanaCelebrities.Com


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