Be Motivated By Our Exotic Vacations – Salma Mumin Tells ‘Broke’ Fans

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Actress Salma Mumin responding to one of her fans concerning what she does to ‘sponsor’ all those lavish lifestyles she portrays on social media has penned down an article explaining herself and how fans can be motivated by her exotic lifestyle.

Salma Mumin Writes:

@nanaakua632 I was gonna reply you in the comments section but I changed my mind because I feel most people ask same question and won’t see my reply if I commented.
How about you see the VACATION photos as motivation? because I get motivated by exotic vacations.
I won’t show what I don’t wanna show because society says so. I’m an Independent adult and make decisions by myself.
I remember how @fellamakafui was TAGGED an attention seeker because she made known to the public all her businesses and office.
None of y’all got motivated by it.

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So please do not tell me to post all of that because I won’t!
Plus I know so many women who works at the bank 🏦. They own houses, cars and also go on expensive vacations and post on social media, but I guess y’all don’t see that because they are not as famous as I am.

So I don’t know why you have all these qualifications and been working for a bank for 5 years and still can’t boast of anything.

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If this is the case I advise you quit and look for what it is that you are passionate about and invest another 5 years in it and see if you won’t make money and live more than I live.

Feeling pressured has another meaning called ENVY!( witchcraft)
NOTE 📝 SAlMA MUMIN is not rich but I’m comfortable! MY RICHIES are on their way and when they come you will feel it!

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That doesn’t mean I should walk around with poverty written on my forehead.
When I make money I will save some and chill with some. THIS IS MY MINDSET.
I wasn’t created to come to the world, pay bills and die.

So as for the vacations dierrr I’m yet to START npo.

Thank you”.


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