Video- Fella Makafui Is Not Just A Boyfriend Snatcher She Is Also Inherently Dumb As She Can’t Differentiate Between A Miracle And A Prophecy

The whole of last year’ YOLO’ star actress Fella Makafui trended very well in all Ghanaian social and traditional media landscape. For a young girl like her, it is quite shocking and revealing that she only trends for the negative or bad reasons.

One of Fella Makafui’s first most popular trend in Ghana that made people get to know about her is when she starred as a villager in the ‘YOLO’ series. That has been about the only positive thing about her career. All the scandals that have surrounded her after the series has been nothing but negativity.

Fella Makafui has been accused of myriads of issues, firstly she has been accused of the fact that all the businesses that she claims she owns are the handiwork of married men she sleeps with. This became evidently clear when her ‘Sugar Daddy’ stormed one of her workplaces, closed it down and seized all the cars he bought for her because of cheating. Fella is also alleged to be a serial boyfriend snatcher as she snatched Medikal from the arms of Sister Derby in the name of Bestie.

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A video of Fella is trending on social media that proves that Makafui is not only a boyfriend snatcher but also equally dumb as she does not know jack about the difference between a ‘Prophecy and a Miracle’ In an interview, she was asked the difference between the two and she said they are both the same.




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