Video- 12 Days Into 2019 And Akuapem Poloo Has Bought For Herself A Brand New Car Through Fooling

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Today is the twelveth day of the month of January in 2019 and from the look of things, it is going to be a very good year for the self-acclaimed actress and a habitual attention seeker Rosemond Brown aka Akuapem Poloo.

Rosemond Brown has no real unique talent but has been able to conspicuously found her way into the entertainment industry, being in the news almost anytime for negative reasons and courting a huge following on social media.

She claims she is an actress who has featured in many movies but frankly speaking we have not seen any movie of her either on television or being shown in the many cinemas we have across the country.

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Pooloo is best known for her attention seeking and uncouth behaviour she shows on her social media pages most especially on Instagram where she spews whatever garbage is on her mind. Rosemond Brown has for the umpteenth time said that she gets paid for what she does on social media and yes if the video she has posted on her Instagram page is worth trusting then fooling really pays.

Pooloo has posted a video of herself with a new car she claims she has bought through her unsavoury attitude on social media. We hope it is not one of her usual antics though.