Screenshots: Angry And Bitter Ghanaian Women Curse And Rain Insults On Their Ex- Boyfriends

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This generation of Ghanaians has become a generation of social media bigots and fanatics. Whatever happens in our lives whether good or bad the first place we go to pour our happiness or frustrations is on social media before we even find an important person to talk to or celebrate with.

There are bad sides as much as good sides when it comes to social media but the abuse we subject it to especially when it comes to Ghanaians is most at times unimaginable and mostly keep me wondering as to whether we find time to talk to our loved ones face to face as we do to or with virtual friends.

Why do you people spend so much time revealing family and relationship secrets to virtual online friends whom you might never meet in real life?

Social media has gotten me to know that relationships gone bad have made most of us both men and women very bitter but the bitterness of our ladies are at its astronomical level making me wonder as to whether if it is only men that do bad things in relationships.

You go into a relationship and it doesn’t go well instead of moving on, you harbour so much hatred in you which goes a long way to affect any relationship you enter in future.

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Many Ghanaian women have posted their bitterness and anger they feel for or towards their exes on social media (Facebook group) I chanced upon and the things they wrote are quite scary, annoying and at the same time interesting.

Whiles a few have nice things to say about their exes and wished them well wherever they are some were full of anger and bitterness. Many of them rained scathing insults and attacks on them and some also placed generational curses on these men they once swore to love.