Former President Mahama Says Ghanaians Have Missed Him and the NDC Due to NPP’s Bad Governance — Have You?

Former President John Dramani Mahama says Ghanaians have terribly missed him and definitely want him back in power very soon.

The former President who lost the 2016 elections is campaigning for a return and has told party supporters that Ghanaians unequivocally want him back.

According to Mahama, the NPP have mismanaged the country so much that Ghanaians have realized they were deceived and that the NDC were actually doing a great job.

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“Ghanaians are looking up to NDC to save them from the hardships they’re enduring under the NPP administration. I’ve been to 9 regions so far and everywhere I go they tell me they’ve really regretted voting into power Akufo-Addo-led government. They told me that they were deceived by this government, and things are tough now for them.” Mahama said.

“But today upon hindsight I think it’s good that NPP took over the reins of power so Ghanaians can feel the difference between the two regimes. God works in mysterious ways.

“He allowed the NPP to come to power so that Ghanaians can appreciate NDC more because if we were to be in power by now, you’ll be complaining and saying the NPP would’ve done far more better than what perhaps we might have been doing, if we were still in power. You’ll hear things like if NPP had won the elections, this town- Abiriw would have long secured a factory by now that will employ thousands of our youth, or maybe a dam built for the surrounding villages. However, a lot more Ghanaians are seeing stark poverty and tasting hunger under this government.

“Nonetheless, there is an opportunity for the NDC to put its house in order so it could recapture power in next elections and save Ghanaians from the economic hardships. Ghanaians want us back into power, so it’s important we stay united and energize our great party for the 2020 polls.” Mahama added.

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