Research Has Revealed Pot Bellied Men Have Smaller Brains- What About The Joysticks?

Potbellies are immediately a turn off for some ladies, many ladies so to say (myself very much included) especially when the belly does not come with some good amount of wealth. I mean what is the essence of having that much loose fat if and when you cannot boast of a fat pocket?.

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According to the American Academy of Neurology newest research, men with potbellies have smaller brains. They claim the bellies reduces their brain size. The research also revealed that obesity can also lead to shrinkage in certain parts of the body.

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Years ago, people actually attributed pot bellies to wealth— men with big stomachs were often seen as rich but not these days. You would be doing yourself great harm if you envision such to be plausible. We have lots of men like that who are empty barrels without a farthing.

That is not the worst case, many of these men have smaller to indescribable joysticks. Do not be fooled, the ding dong is not as fat as their stomachs— the next time you see them, better take an extra look at them (and oh, this is a known fact).

Source: GhanaCelebrities.Com



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