No Church Has the Right to Punish Someone Just Because they Got Pregnant out of Wedlock — Counsellor Lutterodt Speaks Sense for Once

The controversial George Lutterodt seems to have made a sensible remark for the first time in his life in comments he passed about churches and how they mete out punishment to people believed to have flouted the laws of God.

Lutterodt had an extensive radio interview with Azigiza Jnr on Monday and targeted churches who judge members getting pregnant out of wedlock.

In Ghana it’s pretty common to receive some sort of punishment, either formally or simply public shaming, from your church if you’re a lady who gets pregnant whilst not married.

However, Lutterodt condemned the practice in his interview, saying churches have no right to do that.

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“If you impregnate anybody, the laws of Ghana don’t force you to marry the person but to take care of the child. But traditionally, it is taken as having cheated the woman, since you are not married to the person”, he said.

“That’s why I don’t agree with churches who sanction anyone. Any church that disciplines people because they got pregnant before marriage is not a qualified church. Pregnancy is not a church product, it’s a family product.

“If my daughter is pregnant before marriage in the church, what right do you have to put a sanction on my child?” he queried.

Lutterodt added that having s*x before marriage is not wrong per se (even though he himself has tagged it as prostitution) but that those who indulge should simply know how to control themselves.

“Having s*xual intercourse with anybody before you marry is a personal choice; it has never been a crime anywhere. If you have self-control, go ahead and test. If you don’t have self-control, don’t test it at all, because the challenge is that self-control, it’s the management of your thoughts, your feelings and your actions, so, the bible says you need self-control so that you don’t fall victim to any of these things.

“People who are having s*xual intercourse and not made babies have never been caught and it means they’re practising self-control”. Lutterodt added.

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