PHOTOS: Unfiltered Pics of Bobrisky Taken At An Event Causes Huge ‘Scare’ On Social Media

Male barbie Bobrisky is the direct Nigerian counterpart of our female ashawobrities. He posts photos of himself all the time, mostly heavily filtered and edited to give off the best possible look and ‘deceive’ all those out there about their real looks.

Benedicta Gafah once took editing so seriously she airbrushed her belly button right out of existence and Bobrisky has been known to take editing his photos that seriously as well.

Occasionally when he attends programs it happens that some ‘real’ photos of him are taken and uploaded and social media gets on his neck.

That’s because the difference between the normal photos and the edited ones are so large it’s like he takes the 10year challenge every day.

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Some photos of Bobrisky taken at an event over the weekend has led to more trolling for him.

Folks say he looks too different in the photos than the ones he uploads and he’s being trolled massively for it.

Check out the photos of Bobrisky from the event below…

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Source: GhanaCelebrities.Com



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