HARDCORE — Rihanna Sues Her Own Father for Exploiting Her Name to Make Money for Himself

Rihanna is not someone to be messed around with apparently. The Barbadian mega-hit singer has taken her own father to court to stop him from making money out of his own name, Fenty, which she has popularized the world over by being the super successful Robyn Fenty.

Rihanna argues in her suit that her father is intentionally using her name to enrich himself without permission from her or her team.

In the suit filed in the United States of America, where both Rihanna and her father live and conduct their businesses, Rihanna says her father is unduly benefiting from his association with the Fenty name, often deliberately mischaracterizing himself as having Rihanna’s support for his deals.

Rihanna’s father, Ronald Fenty, runs an entertainment business known as Fenty Entertainment. Rihanna says his actions are hurting the Fenty brand, which is her beauty business.

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She is seeking the court to bar her father from using the Fenty name for bussiness.

Rihanna’s lawyers have sent numerous ‘cease and desist’ letters to Fenty Entertainment to stop deceiving the public they have anything to do with Rihanna, but the letters have fallen on deaf ears.

“Defendants continue to this date to use their misrepresentations for their commercial advantage and to mislead the public,” the suit says.

“This fraudulent conduct harms not only plaintiffs but the public at large and requires judicial intervention.”

According to reports, Rihanna and her father have a strained relationship and don’t exactly see eye to eye.

Source: GhanaCelebrities.Com


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