#MeToo — Second Lady Steps Forward to Tell her Story Of Allegedly Being Raped by GBA President Anthony Forson Jnr.

The nature of the #MeToo movement is to give sufferers of s*xual assault a voice, make them heard and to force action against those who assaulted them.

Almost every single time that allegations of s*xual assault have been made against anyone in the West, it sets off a cascading effect where many other ladies also start coming forward to tell their story — from Bill Cosby to Donald Trump to Kevin Spacey — one allegation almost always precedes more being revealed.

Ghana Bar Association President Anthony Forson Jnr. could find himself in the same sort of soup as a second lady has come forward to tell her story of alleged rape perpetrated by the GBA Prez.

Kuukuwa Andam, the Canadian based Ghanaian lawyer who reported the first alleged rape, received a message anonymously from another lady who alleges being raped by Forson.

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According to her, ‘Tony’ also raped her, and because he knew she was a lesbian he blackmailed her with that knowledge to keep her mouth shut.

Kuukuwa posted the message on her page and called on other ladies who have had similar experiences to reach out, anonymously or otherwise.

In the midst of all these allegations, the lawyers of the GBA President have released a statement denying the rape allegations from Kuukuwa. The case is currently under investigation by DC Police.




Source: GhanaCelebrities.Com


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