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READER’S MAIL – The Ghanaian #Metoo Dynamics: A System Failure to Protect the Vulnerable

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Miss Ewuraffe Orleans Thompson right and KKD

The man called Kwesi Kyei Darkwah (KKD), allegedly penetrated a 19year old in a hotel bathroom against her will. After the story came out, other women recounted how KKD made sexual advances towards them when they were minors, corroborating the story that, KKD is a closet sexual predator.

KKD swaggered his way out of these allegations, using pastors and the victims family to pull the matter out of court. For some years now, KKD has surprisingly grown a polished reputation aided by the media including the organizers of the Ghana Music Awards, who selected this alleged rapist to swagger up and present awards.
Kwesi Kyei Darkwah today, is a walking free man, swaggering in high-end London fashion. If indeed, those allegations from numerous women are true, your young daughters could be in danger. Another case of a homegrown R.Kelly.
Had those pastors with the victim’s family, encouraged the young lady to seek justice, maybe, the walking-stick-wielding Londoner, wouldn’t be a potential risk to your daughters, he would probably be in jail. How do you hold perpetrators accountable if the victims keep hiding?
Understand this;  “Fresh” rape allegations are tricky, more so if there isn’t any concrete medical evidence coupled with the victim’s silence. The perpetrator can conveniently claim wrongful accusation. Also, in our case where victims have to pay some amounts before police medical forms get certified, you can imagine how many victims would rather forget everything, than incur more cost.
After all, it’s not as if anyone keeps money for “when they get raped”. The Kayayes who are raped daily, can barely afford to feed themselves.
The problem stretches beyond women accusing men and men feeling victimized. Our systems don’t favour truthful outcomes. There’s basically no psychosocial support for rape victims and people who wrongfully accuse others go unpunished. If KKD and the rest claim to be wrongfully accused, who and whom did they sue for damages? How is it that an alleged sexual predator roams freely just because the victim was influenced to drop the case? Who is monitoring these cases to ensure truthful outcomes?

Understanding issues is key. Every Ghanaian should employ responsiveness, rather than harsh reactions when sensitive issues like this come up.


Writer: Angela Adatsi 

This post was published on January 17, 2019 9:16 AM

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