SUPER SCARY — Ghanaian Ladies REVEAL Their Harrowing Stories of Surviving Rape — READ

The spectre of rape and s*xual assault is a canker hanging over Ghanaian society which doesn’t get talked about enough.

Women face dangerous circumstances to make it in life, especially when trying to enter the job market where unscrupulous bosses try to take advantage of desperation. However other dangers lurk in relationships where some men apparently don’t get that No means No.

Since Kuukuwa Andam, the Canadian based lawyer and PhD candidate told her story of suffering multiple rapes, a new trend seems to have started of more ladies finding the courage to come out and tell their stories.

Some did not suffer rape but had near rape experiences at the hands of guys.

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Read two such harrowing stories below; as sent to GhanaCelebrities.Com‘s Founding Editor, Chris-Vincent Agyapong Febiri.


“So it happened around November 2014. I was seeing this handsome and gentle guy called Elvis. He came over to my house a couple of times and then requested that we go to the beach sometime. On the beach day, somewhere around Weija, my new boyfriend made us walk farther away from were everyone was having fun with the excuse that he wanted a quiet place to discuss a crucial matter with me. We almost got to the end of the coast and then he started hugging me from behind. That was when i realised he had a ‘hard on’. I was frightened and suggested that we go join everyone at the other side but he insisted we stayed and then he started raising my long dress up with force. He kept repeating the words ‘come on sweety, you’re not a kid’. In my head i was like yeah right, i now know you brought me down here to have sex. I tried to run, he laughed, siezed my slippers and dared me to leave barefooted. I ran as fast as my legs could carry me, passed through the party people, stopped a cab and left. IT DIDN’T END HERE

I refused to pick or return his calls for like a week so he stopped calling. It was during that time that i went to Kasoa to pick up a parcel my parents sent from abroad through a friend. Amidst all the noise and crowd at the Kasoa station, i came face to face with Elvis. He thanked God for meeting me since i had been avoiding him. He apologized for what occured at the beach and begged me to sit somewhere with him.He claimed he was in charge of a building his uncle abroad was putting up so i should go to the site with him so we talk there because the station was too open. He took my stuffs and we went through some ‘lungulungu’ and i bet i couldn’t make my way back alone. We finally stopped at a gated uncompleted building, the place was soo quiet so i asked him were the masons were. He said they’ve closed and i asked why he brought me to a deserted place again. He told me to calm down and that his cousins were inside. We entered, went upstairs, he offered me a seat and a drink. He entered one room and i tried to look around for somebody. The house was huge and peaceful. He lied!

There was absolutely nobody around, just the two of us. He stood behind the door of the room he entered and beckoned me to come check something out. I reluctantly entered and boom! He locked the door behind me. Before i could say jack, he pushed me onto a rickety bed in the corner and gave out a very wicked smile. I was like Elvis, please not again. He said i should allow him to romance me so it doesn’t hurt. God, i was suddenly shivering and sweating. I begged him, he begged me too. I screamed, he screamed too and burst out into laughter that nobody could hear us. I was in a fitting skirt to the knee and a front-buttoned shirt. He tried with force to raise my skirt up so his nails scratched my thighs upwards. He tore my shirt open and kept scratching my thighs to lift my skirt.

Ooh i struggled with him very well. I yelled, i cried, i begged, i pushed him off me, i kicked, i hit him, scratched his face but all was to no avail. Elvis on the other hand kept kissing me on the face, neck, chest, tummy and was trying to get his fingers up my skirt. Gosh, i was getting weaker in my arms and legs. I ran out of breath and couldn’t fight back anymore and then somebody knocked loudly on the main door. He quickly got off me and ran downstairs to check. I followed back immediately leaving all my stuffs behind and ran past him just as he opened the door to see who it was. THERE WAS NOBODY.

I looked around the compound, there was no one there. Till date we both don’t know who knocked. Whoever it was saved me…..i ran out, he followed me begging in his boxers, saying i should get back in and dress properly and that he’s sorry. Once again i walked away barefooted, this time in the middle of nowhere with thorn clothes. I miraculously chanced on a loading taxi who picked me up eventhough it was full. Everyone in the car thought i was being chased by robbers or something and wanted a narrative, but i explained nothing. I got to the station and chartered another taxi to my hostel. I silently shed tears in the shower due to the terrible pains i felt all over my body. Later that night, Elvis sent my stuffs over with an apology and I couldn’t even tell my roomate what really happened because she hated the fact that i was a virgin in the first place and she always jokingly said i needed to be raped….

I still have his nail marks on the sides of my thighs and I’m still a virgin @27.”


“In level 100, in Ucc getting close to 7:00 i had dressed up seductively to see my boyfriend…not in a short dress,but a fitting dress….But i called my boyfriend and he had left campus, to my disappointment and decided to walk to the taxi station and pick a taxi… i walked passed an office, a lecturer from a science department called me, to have a conversation….I was very naive and i liked to befriend people..i entered the office, and this man told me of how he was divorced and sad with no sunshine, having no one to talk to….he told me he was in charge of a scholarship scheme, which gained my interest, because i wanted to save some of my pocket money…..
Before going to his office, i met a friend who was in level 300 at dat time who was a science student so i told her that the man had called me…….i did that to noe if she had a bad reputation about him…

After conversing about school scholarship and about his estranged wife ..i told him i had to go….
Immediately i said that, this man got up….baby if you could only kiss me…how could i kiss someone i had no feelings for…

Before i could say Jack Robinson this man was opening the top of my blouse, and for the fear of rape i allowed the man to suck my breast….
And promised him to come and visit him in his home……immediately i said that his face lit up and let me go…….
I was very sad ,with no one to talk to….only my pastor….

From there i learnt that not all leaders who look fatherly are fatherly….”

Source: GhanaCelebrities.Com


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