Gifty Adorye is a Liar and A Bully — Wedding Decorator Speaks Up

The recent wedding of gospel singer Gifty Osei aka Empress to the NPP politician Hopeson Adorye was a great day for the two in their lives, but the aftermath has become something of a problem.

After the wedding, Gifty Osei took to Instagram to attack her own wedding decorator, warning her to refund the money she has received or face the consequences.

According to Osei, the decorator did not finish the work at the wedding and should therefore give back some of the money paid her.

However, the decorator in question, Martha Boateng, has now responded to being put on blast by Osei.

Speaking with Graphic Showbiz, she said Osei is trying to bully her just because she’s a celebrity but she’s not going to lie down and be bullied.

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“She is lying, I don’t know why this woman wants to tarnish the image I have built over the years. Why would I want to ruin her marriage when she is someone I call ‘mummy’?” she wondered.

Boateng went on to explain what happened which made Gifty Osei so mad.

“I did the decor for her engagement and on her wedding day but while we were working on her setup, we had challenges because the workers of one supplier were delaying, so I called their boss to come over to supervise her boys.

“Unfortunately, while working, I collapsed due to excessive stress and was rushed to the hospital. So it automatically meant the lady would take over because I have that kind of relationship with her. Sometimes, if any of us have an emergency to attend to, we step in for each other.

“When the other lady took over, she apparently added her own stuff to the decorations so when she was done, she gave an invoice to Gifty for payment but Gifty had already paid me for all the stuff I used for the work so she did not take kindly to that and I guess that brought about the whole issue,”

She added: “She just wouldn’t allow me explain things to her, she kept on threatening me, telling me how she would bring down my business, how she would show me pepper because she is Mrs Adorye etc, but you can’t blame her(Gifty) too, I am sure it is because of what the other lady said to her.

“However, when the lady brought the invoice, what Gifty should have done was to refer her to me because she (Gifty) did not contract her.

“But she goes out painting the picture like I did not do anything but you can check my social media pages. I put videos of everything I did for her there so why?

‘She thinks I have no one; because she is in the limelight she wants to take advantage of that and bully me,” she told Showbiz.

Source: GhanaCelebrities.Com


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