MAKEUP DECEPTION: The Case Of Gloria Sarfo’s ‘Smooth Spotless’ and ‘Perfect’ Face

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The era of the application of thick-clayed makeup has deceived the majority of people in thinking that every ‘smooth spotless’ face in photos posted by celebrities on social media is what it is in real life but the truth is ─it’s totally different and those who come into personal contact with most of the female celebrities will confirm this!

Actress Gloria Sarfo has posted one of those photos on her Instagram page ─even though she looked gorgeous in that photo but it’s highly deceptive and surprisingly, fans and followers adore such deception and shower praise comments under such photos of female celebrities.

This isn’t the case of actress Gloria Sarfo only, even the ordinary Ghanaian woman feels she has to put on a deceptive face to look bold and confident.

In short, the glam and ‘smooth spotless’ faces are just deceptions ─I mean dust in the eyes of the many who believe in it.

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Gloria Sarfo’s face seems to have no dark spot on but is that how she looks like in real life? Hell NO!





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