CHRIS-VINCENT Writes: Michelle Obama, Samira Bawumia and Meghan Markle Are All Housewives Yet A Lot Of Ghanaian Women Out Of Bitterness Make It Seem Being A Housewife Is An Abomination

I find it difficult to understand a lot of African women these days. Their sheer hypocrisy to themselves, the lies they tell themselves and how they manage to find solace in their own self-deceit is a mystery to me.

Let me start by defining in contemporary terms what “a housewife/home keeper is to me.” I term any married woman or one with a partner and who does not have a regular paid job as somewhat a housewife. Michelle Obama, Samira Bawumia and others are all housewives, though not in the traditional sense…

What work does Michelle Obama or Samira Bawumia do? Meghan Markle belongs to another set of housewives—what’s her job?

A housewife primarily runs and manages her family’s home. This does not mean she cannot have hobbies or engage in charity works—which would never become her primary focus.

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Somehow, a lot of women seem to think being a housewife is undesirable—and that they prefer to work. They make work seem it’s a choice for a lot of us when it’s a necessity.

Why would you continue to work in this regular form if you didn’t have to? Would you continue doing your job if you won a million dollar lottery? You mean you would wake up each day early in the morning even if tired and travel to work—to subject yourself to the rules of engagement of work if you really didn’t have to work…Huh?

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Majority of us work because of the main reward—which is money. If you have enough money, you would prefer not to primarily work and engage in other activities, with home keeping becoming your main focus.

Society is known for playing tricks on us and we weakly buy into its many tricks. We are conditioned to make what’s not desirable become desirable as long as society derives a benefit—and work is one of them.

Work is an economic enterprise with money being the main reward. Whoever does not need to acquire that money wouldn’t have to work and if you are a woman interested in shaping a good family, then you will naturally gravitate towards becoming a housewife.

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What people can’t have, they cunningly brand as bad or unworthy.

If I ever get the option to become a house husband—I wouldn’t think twice about it.

Being a housewife is at the peak of achievements but because a lot of women can’t get that, they have somewhat succeeded in branding it as an unworthy enterprise.

How many of you would still carry on your work in its current form if they didn’t really want the money and if they had it all?

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I have a friend whose main focus is to become a housewife and I respect her so much for not buying into the fallacy that somehow working makes you any better—when all it really does is help you acquire some money and rob you of your freedom and the ability to live life on your terms and time!

I envy all the housewives: you have what a lot of women can never have—sharing great moments with your home or family and having control over your time.

Don’t be fooled: the work a lot of us do for money is not fun—what’s fun mostly does not pay.

—Chris-Vincent Agyapong


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