PHOTO: Wendy Shay Set To Leave Rufftown Records; Another Cheap PR Gimmick!

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Don’t be fooled to think that Wendy Shay is truly set to part ways with Bullet’s Rufftown records ─it’s a PR gimmick just to be in the news for a yet-to-be-released song.

Wendy Shay who is currently the top artist at Rufftown record label took to her Instagram page and made a post suggesting that she is likely to leave Rufftown records if any record label is willing to pay a whopping $500,000 and a car of her choice.

Gullible Ghanaians who have forgotten that Wendy Shay’s brand thrives on such PR gimmicks have already jumped into conclusions that indeed, Wendy Shay will part ways with Rufftown records come what may!

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But the truth of the matter is, Wendy Shay, isn’t leaving Rufftown records anytime soon ─it’s just one of those PR gimmicks baked in another form instead of the usual sex scandal stories.

Wendy Shay on her Instagram page wrote: “$500,000 and any car of my choice to leave RuffTown Records? Hmmm”.




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