Egyptian Television Host Thrown into Jail For Interviewing A Gay Man

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Homosexuality still remains an abominable act in Islamic countries and one could land himself in deep sh*t if found guilty of the act ─and that is the case of Egyptian television host, Mohamed al-Gheiti.

Mohamed al-Gheiti will spend one year of his life in prison after an Egyptian court found him guilty for interviewing a gay man in 2018.

Mohamed al-Gheiti even though is against homosexuality but was sentenced to one year in prison for promoting homosexuality which is against Egypt’s religious precepts.

According to the lawyer who brought the case against Mohamed, Samir Sabri, the misdemeanours court in Giza fined him $147 and will be put under surveillance after serving his jail term.

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The said interview was conducted in August 2018 where the gay man openly disclosed his gay modus operandi and relationship with another man.

The television channel was suspended over professional violations after the interview was aired.


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