VIDEO: Ghanaian Slay queen Teases ‘Clients’ With Her Tiny ‘Pioto’

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The modus operandi of slay queens is all about stripping live on social media, posting nudes and then waiting for rich potbellied men to hit their inbox for their ‘services’.

One Ghanaian Slay queen, popularly known as Ama Korea has posted one of those videos to attract ‘clients’ as the month of January hasn’t been easy.

In the video, she was seen dancing, flaunting her tiny ‘pioto’ and body ─all in the name of attracting new ‘clients’!

Somewhere in 2018, Ama Korea accused sakawa boys of using her slay queen friend for money rituals after she died mysteriously.

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But it seems she never learned a thing from what happened to her friend.

Watch the video below.



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