HOT GOSSIP: Benedicta Gafah Was Abused By Her Ex-husband Because She Was Allegedly Caught In Bed Banging A Popular Ghanaian Pastor

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In the latter part of 2018, Afia Schwarzenegger leaked a photo of Benedicta Gafah’s brutalised face ─a photo that went viral with a lot of Ghanaians reading meanings into it.

Benedicta Gafah later came out to explain that the photo was taken after her ex-husband physically assaulted her over her decision to jilt him.

In the latest development to the issue, Benedicta Gafah was man-handled by her ex-husband because she was allegedly caught in bed banging a popular Ghanaian man of God according to popular Instagram blog, @itellmymind2.

According to post, Benedicta Gafah’s ex-husband is never a woman beater but Gafah’s cheating habit resulted in the severe beatings she received.

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Read the full post by @itellmymind2 below.

@empress_dictabee was signed at both menzgold and zylofon. She gained a Toyota fortuner from zylofon and an undisclosed amount of money. She also received 60,000$ from menzgold plus a Toyota Camry.

When they wanted to drop menzgold ambassadors, she along with other ambassadors Becca, stonebwoy, joselyn dumas, Jackie and the rest were given 30,000$ as compensation. She was also given a house by NAM1,whether it was bought or rented it is yet to be confirmed.

Remember her tundra? Apparently the video about her alleged husband who used to beat her up was never a lie,and that was mainly because of her cheating life. Her husband caught her in bed with this pastor (guess it yourself) and gave her some beatings. The man was never really an abuser, the beating were result to her being caught in bed with other men. Well she got rid of her husbands child because of this same pastor.

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The said pastor gave her a tundra as compensation. Later on when NAM1 came in the picture, She sold the tundra the pastor gave her because NAM1 bought her a new tundra.. (the one that she drives at the moment) In all she got three cars from both Zylofon and Menzgold. NAM1 also gave her an undisclosed amount of money for her own make up line she is yet to launch…….These and several other benefits…Issues continue….. @itellmymind2”.



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