A Generation Of IDIOTS? Instagram, WhatsApp Destroying Marriages – Says Uncle Ebo Whyte

As the Founding Editor of, Chris-Vincent Agyapong keeps saying; “We’ve become a generation of IDIOTS” ─and he’s damn right as the celebrated playwright, Uncle Ebo Whyte has confirmed it during an interview on Joy FM.

According to Uncle Ebo Whyte, Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp and other social media Apps are destroying marriages and relationships.

It’s funny and annoying that you can’t even have a face to face conversation with a friend or a loved one without him/her touching his/her mobile phone to check what’s happening on social media ─we’ve addicted to social media and it’s getting out of hand!

Uncle Ebo Whyte responding to the question: “You really feel Instagram and WhatsApp have destroyed a lot of marriages eeh?” by sit-in host of the Joy Super Morning Show (SMS), Animwaa Anim-Addo said:

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“Yea, we didn’t have Instagram and WhatsApp. When I was dating Florence if I was angry with her and I needed to tell her off, I need to go and buy paper and write and wait for daybreak to go to the post office and cue to buy a stamp and mail it.”

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He continued that:

“In your case, you have the thing instantly (referring to Instagram and WhatsApp). So you are working out your anger right there and then.” Uncle Ebo Whyte adds, “People have not learned the art of our parents and grandparents. They will tell you that there is some magic in the pillow. Go and sleep over it.  Let your pillow speak to you. Because how you feel in the moment will not be how you feel ten minutes afterwards.

One of the Twi renditions of anger is short-term madness. So whenever you lose your temper, whenever you are pissed or someone makes you angry, understand that for that moment you are mad.”

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He quizzed that:

“So when we use the English expression I was so mad, you are so right, you were really mad and since you know you were made and will not stay mad, why are you acting in your madness?”




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