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Open Post: Yvonne Nelson Says She Needs A Man; Will She Like The Man Who’s Interested In Her?

Actress Yvonne Nelson after accomplishing her mission of having a child just for her to called a mother broke up or got dumped by her baby daddy, Jamie Roberts.

The actress says she needs a man to warm her bed! Yvonne Nelson, you’ve tried the famous and rich; why not try the ordinary?

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Yvonne Nelson ever since she hit the limelight has dated the famous and the rich; talk of Nigeria’s Ice Prince and Iyanya ─and all these men whether it was Yvonne’s fault or theirs, broke her heart.

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It was also rumoured that she dated actor Jim Ike but she rubbished those rumours during an interview with Ekerete Udoh of The Diasporan Star, an American based African tabloid newspaper in 2012.

She said: “I am not dating Jim Iyke and that’s the truth, but I want to confess that we have a very close relationship. We have a great chemistry together- call it some form of magic between us, especially when we act together. He is a hot guy and I like him a lot. We are always together when he comes to Ghana to act in movies and I drive him around.”

Yvonne Nelson’s relationship with Iyanya which ended painfully in 2014 got her to lose weight ─imagine slim Yvonne losing some weight, that was awful but she survived it and moved on.

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Yvonne Nelson says she needs a man but the question is; will she like the man who’s interested in her? That’s a difficult question to answer looking at the kind of men she has dated previously.

Looking at the kind of men Yvonne has dated, she is not likely to be interested in an ordinary ─an “unknown” man going about his daily 9-5 job. We can bet that Yvonne Nelson is looking out for a man who’s out there and has a name!




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