Video- I Am Still An Underground Musician Because My Stupid And Foolish Social Media Followers Don’t Share And Support My Works- Says Pope Skinny

When Ghanaian rapper Pope Skinny started doing mainstream music I was probably still s*cki*ng my mother’s b00bs or probably I was a primary school kid.

After close to or over 20 years in the music industry, Pope Skinny still cannot be referred to as an A-list or a mainstream Ghanaian musician. His name, image and brand still sound and looks like an up and coming musician.

Instead of speaking to himself and finding what exactly is wrong with him as a musician that is preventing him from properly blowing up, he has taken the easy approach and has put the blame on his social media followers and launched a scathing attack on them. He says they do not share his works that is why things are not going on well for him in the industry. Who in his or her right senses will insult and throw vituperative attacks on the same people he/she wants them to help him?

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It is Pope Skinny who can do that and we are not surprised because he comes from the camp of Shatta Movement and insults are basically their daily bread. The underground artiste says all the people following him on social media who do not share his works are fools including their family members.



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