The Three Questions Anas Aremeyaw Anas Has to Answer About Ahmed Suale’s Death – According to A Plus

The killing of Anas’ colleague Ahmed Hussein-Suale has raised several issues in its aftermath concerning how he was assassinated.

Hon Member of Parliament for Assin Central, Kennedy Agyapong, in some circles has been fingered as possibly complicit in the death of Suale due to exposing his identity and calls for violence against him. 

The MP has denied being complicit in the assassination and has instead offered a cash reward for information leading to the real killers so he can clear his name.

Controversial artist and political commentator A Plus has added his voice to all this, but he’s chosen to go after Anas to answer some questions for the Ghanaian people.

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After Ahmed’s death, Anas quickly released a video pointing fingers at Kennedy Agyapong. A Plus raises questions about that and said Anas needs to answer them to regain the trust of Ghanaians.

Read his post below…

The way you think you are smart in investigating corruption, kindly accept that Ghanaians these days are also very smart and probe deeply into issues. Nobody can fool Ghanaians these days. The questions people are asking are;

1. What time did you hear of Ahmed’s death?
2. What time did you find the video, edit it; add text and some “conscious music bi” and released it?
3. You are a lawyer. Which lawyer draws conclusions in the murder of someone before investigations begin?

What you did, in my opinion as someone who watches ID extra 24/7 looks more of a planned thing against Kennedy Agyapong. Some may blame him for unmasking Ahmed. But you also had to take your time and allow detectives to do their job. You have destroyed the whole process. You have yourself to blame. What majority of the people are saying is that you just wanted the public on your side in pointing accusing fingers at Hon. Ken to divert attention from the real killers. Go online and read comments for yourself.

Also, you are acting untouchable which makes some people angry. The fact that you fight corruption does not make you uncomfortable. Anybody can also fight or accuse you of anything. All you can do is to sue the person in court.

As for me, I think you are doing a great job. However, if it is true that your investigations have turned into a commercial venture where people contract you to set people up for a fee, then you are not working for Ghana. You are working for your stomach. Private investigations is not a crime but if it is for financial gains, it comes with consequences you must be prepared for….

Source: GhanaCelebrities.Com



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