6 Quick Style Tips for the Mother of Bride

Mother of Bride

Just because you are the mother of the bride, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t dress up elegantly. With that said, following we are going to give some quick tips that will help you pick a fine dress for the big day. Don’t be shy; your daughter will appreciate this thought!

1.  Give Yourself Time

Even if you are an experienced shopper, finding the right dress can still be difficult. There are different variables to consider, and you might change your mind along the way.

So, make sure you give yourself enough time to search, try different things, return and exchange items until you find the right dress.  You need to start 3-4 months ahead of the big day.

2.  Collaborate and Listen

Mothers of the Bride need to take a step back before jumping on the shopping trip. You need to take the time to talk about the wedding vision and understand the aesthetic. Consider the color theme, what are the guests going to wear, the venue, etc. This will give you a clear idea and help you narrow down your options.

Your daughter and son in law will appreciate the thought you have put into picking the right dress. No one is going to dictate what you should and shouldn’t wear, but you have to be open to second opinions.

3.  Understand Your Body Type

If you wear casual clothes every day, its fine. But you have to dress up for the event. Choosing a formal dress is a whole other game. Start your plus size mother of the bride dresses search with the basics, know your measurements, find your body shape and narrow down your options based on what suits you, and what doesn’t.

Most mothers wear dresses and gowns to their children’s wedding, but these are not your only option. You can even rock a pantsuit or separates if you can pull the look. Just pair it with great jewelry and shoes.

4.  Be Prepared for the Flashing Lights

You are an important part of the wedding, and yes you will be photographed. Therefore, you need to pick something that will look good in photographs but won’t outshine the couple.  You will be the picture next to the picture, so make sure your dress doesn’t steal the attention

The same concept applies to accessories, makeup, and hair. You don’t want to call unwanted attention. Mind the season and time of the day. It will give you a good idea of what the lighting will be like.

5.  Mind the Trends

Yes, you don’t need to follow the trends strictly. But if you don’t know what to pick. You can consider the latest trends and pick a few elements. Just try something fashionable, and elegant which won’t break your bank.

6.  Size and Alternations

The benefit of starting earlier is you get enough time on hand for sizing issues. Alternations can take time, and they are uncalled for if you are looking for Plus Size Mothers of the Bride Dresses. Just work closely with the seamstresses, and you will be fine.


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