NEWS FLASH: Women Can Be With Men They Have NO Feelings For Especially When The ‘D’ Is GOOD- Facebook User

It is unsettling, perhaps difficult and sad to be with someone who is only good in bed and nothing else— someone you cannot hold even millisecond reasonable conversation with, the painful bit being the fact that their joystick works you in ways that you cannot even bring words to describe.

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It is a dire conflict for a lady to leave such a man even if she has no feelings or whatsoever for him. Something a lot of men have refused to grasp. For some inexplicable reasons, men feel they are the only ones capable of being with women just for the good s3x— the point they always miss.

One Facebook lady with the handle Akuvi Aguedze says women are capable of such ‘evilness’ too, something she wants the world to stop propelling. She brings up a non-debatable case of how a woman can be with two men at the same time. One who handles her in the bedroom, purposely and significantly the one she loves, one she could walk down the aisle with someday.

She wrote;

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“One of the many reasons why men get used by women without knowing it is because they think a woman can never have sex with a man she has no feelings for

“Do you think a woman can’t just as men do huh? Be there.

“There are women in relationships, expressing love they don’t have just because the d is good… Too good merhn and then, when she finally finds someone she loves, she keeps you on the side. By the time you realize, she has walked down the aisle with someone else

“Just like men, there are women dating two guys… The one she truly loves and the one she uses for the distin but because of societal unnecessary expectations of a woman, she has mastered the art of pretence so well that you’ll hardly find out… And when you do, it’s the shock of your life.”

Source: GhanaCelebrities.Com


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