PHOTOS: Becca, The Proud African Woman Didn’t Give Birth In The Shithole

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Congratulations Becca for giving birth to a bouncy baby girl! Our very proud African woman who made a lot of waves after she released her hit song, “African Woman” has delivered her first child but unfortunately, not on the African soil.

Information available to and from the background of baby bump photos she posted on Instagram indicates that Becca gave birth outside Africa ─Canada precisely.

So if you care to know Becca has also joined the group of female Ghanaian celebrities who had their babies outside their motherland or continent.

This goes a long way to confirm President Donald Trump’s brutal assertion that Africa is a shithole if it’s not, why didn’t Becca, a proud African woman give birth in Ghana or Nigeria?

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In short, Becca’s baby wouldn’t grow up as a proud African child ─a proud Canadian I guess!





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