Yvonne Nelson CLAIMS She Won’t Take Even $5m to Act N*de Because of Baby Ryn

Entertainment journalists have some template questions which they ask every celebrity they get to interact with. These questions mostly never change and for female celebrities, one of those is whether they would ever act n*de.

They all mostly have the same answer, which is ‘no’. They are Ghanaians and they know society at large frowns on that so unless you’re talking to the ones who couldn’t care less such as Moesha, Princess Shyngle or our beloved Akuapem Poloo, they mostly all deny they would ever do it.

The natural follow up question is to ask whether they would change their minds if the offer was a large sum of money, such as $1m. Once again they all claim no, although that’s probably not true because for that kind of money people would do worse things than take off their clothes.

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Recently actress Yvonne Nelson was asked the same question, and the ‘Heels and Sneakers’ star gave the predictable answer. According to her, she has a daughter now and wants to set a good example for her and therefore, she would never do so.

“I won’t [act n*de].” she said. “This time it is even crazier because I have a child. I will never act n*de because I want to serve a good example. The money is cool but no. The act is going to be there forever and I wouldn’t want to do that,”

When asked if she would change her mind for a larger amount, she added that she would not do so, even for $5m.

Source: GhanaCelebrities.Com


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