PHOTO: Actress Akorfa Edjeani Explains Why She Took Part In ‘Aagbe Wo’ Demonstration

A few hours ago, some concerned Ghanian citizens ‘shook’ the corners of Accra with a massive demonstration and veteran actress Akorfa Asiedu Edjeani was included.

This step taking by the actress has sparked controversies with some of the reasons being that she, Akorfa did that because she belongs to one of these political parties that are going against the ruling party, NPP.

However, Akorfa has explained herself and why she had to take part in the demonstration. According to her, every good Ghanaian citizen should not belong to a specific party before realising something is not right.

“The unfortunate incident which occurred during the recently-held Ayawaso West Woguon by-elections is a shame in our political landmark and a dent on the democracy of a country as revered as Ghana.

“Irrespective of our political, religious or societal affiliations, I think we should be able to condemn such acts without regrets. Before anything else, we’re first of all known as Ghanaians. That is the major link between all of us here in Ghana. What transpired during that election is a Ghanaian problem first before any political party’s problem. It is for this reason that I joined other concerned citizens today for the ‘Aagbe Wo Demonstration’.”

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 “I wish to state that my decision to join this demonstration has nothing to do with politics. As citizens of Ghana, we need not be a member of any political party to understand that this violence could be a precursor of what could happen in 2020.”

“As a mother and a concerned citizen of Ghana, I do know how dangerous civil wars could be and I know as well that women and children face the biggest challenges in times of war. Do we wish to be refugees? Where do we head to as refugees? Don’t we love the peace we’ve enjoyed in Ghana all these years? We do not have a reason to joke with our peace.” she said.

Source: GhanaCelebrities.Com


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