VIDEO: Brokenhearted And Lonely Sister Derby Locks Lips With Her Dog

1 min

Sister Derby has now found solace in her dog after Medikal dumped her for Fella Makafui over claims that Fella cooks better than her.

Well, it seems Sister Derby after rubbishing reports that she is warming the bed of a 21-year-old Ghanaian Belgium-based footballer has found a new love ─and that’s her dog.

In a video sighted by, Sister Derby was seen kissing her dog ─not any other kiss but a tongue to tongue kiss.

She was heard saying, “why are you kissing me like a fraud boy” if my ears didn’t deceive me while watching the video.

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If I’m to trust my ears of which I know they are sharp, then that means her ex-boyfriend, Medikal kisses like her dog…Lol.

Watch the video below.



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