Screenshots- Stop ‘Fooling’ Because You Are Worse Than Nayas- Social Media Tears Akuapem Poloo Apart

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Nayas and Ernest Opoku have been trending on social media throughout yesterday and today, for all the wrong reasons in this world.

The Gospel musician Ernest Opoku has been receiving the disgrace of his life ever since he stepped in the music industry just because it is very difficult for him to zip his trousers.

A relationship that has gone sour between him and his ex-girlfriend Nayas has led to him being disgraced in the public domain by this woman the least chance she gets. The lady took the whole thing a notch higher yesterday and it was really embarrassing.

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Attention seeker Akuapem Poloo waded into the whole brouhaha yesterday taking Nayas to the cleaners. This morning social media users have also taken Poloo to the cleaners telling her to shut up because she is worse than Nayas.