Shatta Wale Now Refers To Michy As His Ex-girlfriend; What Happened To The Marriage Proposal To Michy At The Fantasy Dome?

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Shatta Wale, a very predictable human being proposed to his baby mama, Shatta Michy in front of the about 10,000 fans at the Fantasy Dome during the launch of his “Reign” album and people believed him including Shatta Michy herself ─and was even happy and gave him a deep kiss.

Sarkodie predicted in his viral “Advice” diss track that Shatta Wale will one day show his flat butts and lo and behold, Shatta showed his flat butts during a stage performance in Germany.

In the wake of Shatta Wale’s marriage proposal to Michy, it was clear that Shatta acted on impulses ─he never meant it!

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Now, Michy and Shatta are no more and there’s a report that Michy now sells fried yam to make a living ─apparently, she’s come to a realisation that Shatta Wale isn’t a serious dude having plans of settling down.

Shatta Wale on Valentine’s Day took to his Instagram page and wished two of his baby mamas a happy birthday, but wait, do they even have the same birth dates?

Shatta must be on something high because her baby mamas do not have the same birthdays so what was that wish for on Val’s day?

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He wrote: “Happy birthday to all my ex’s 💕💕.
Majesty’s mum and Nshira’s mum ..
Hope you guys celebrate this day with love ❤️..You guys gave me great kids in this life and I really appreciate but tho we not together I still will show love cuz we were never enemies when we all first met each other .This should tell you i will want to concentrate on growing the kids for them to have a better future and nothing else ..Good-luck my Val’s on this Val’s Day !!!!”

In short, Shatta Wale proposed marriage to Michy on stage just to get himself in the news and nothing more!




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